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 Asia House Gallery, London, UK

12 Oct - 18 Oct 2015

An exhibition showcasing the latest developments in contemporary art from Saudi Arabia

Ricochet, opens on 12 October 2015, presenting new and recent work by leading Saudi artist Abdulnasser Gharem, alongside work by four emerging artists from Saudi Arabia. These emerging artists have been developing their artistic practice at GS, a space established by Abdulnasser Gharem in 2010 in the capital city of Riyadh, in order to teach the young generation (aged 18-25) about contemporary art. Participating artists: Shaweesh, Dhafer Alshehr, Ajlan Gharem, Njoud Alanbari and Abdulnasser Gharem.


Ricochet will showcase some of the latest developments in artistic practice emerging from Saudi Arabia. The participating artists have come together in recent years as part of an organic and progressive movement established through GS. Due to an absence of art schools in the Gulf countries, GS is one of the only places in Saudi Arabia where artists can talk freely and learn about contemporary art. Enabling new forms of cultural expression through a programme of educational activity, GS creates a framework for artists to explore their individual and collective vision of the local culture, and its interaction with the rest of the world.



Shaweesh with Venetia Porter the curator of  Islamic and contemporary art in the Middle East department at the British Museum.

Taking the concept of ‘ricochet’ as its central theme, the exhibition will investigate the idea that actions taken by a country’s authorities could cause direct, or indirect, chain reactions. Each of the participating artists will be presenting work that culminates as a creative force expressed through a variety of mediums including photography, sculpture, video art, art installations and performances.


Award-winning photographer Dhafer Alshehr will show a new series of photographs reflecting the French philosopher Gustave le Bon’s The Origin of Crowd Psychology, depicting crowds of Muslims engaged in varying social, religious and cultural activities. A highlight from the series includes Prayer(2013), depicting a rare moment of Sunni and Shia Muslims praying together.

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